How to write a historical romance

How to Write Historical Romance Novels: The Ultimate Guide

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Writing Historical Romance

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Romance novel

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I found there are really a few things right around this time. Eye on Romance is a web site where romance readers and writers of the romance genre can come together to discuss featured books, authors, book characters, heros, heroines and plots. My name is Kinsey. I write paranormal romance—specifically, werewolves.

Paranormal romance (PR) is a subgenre of romance encompassing any stories with fantasy or science fiction elements. I write what I call family friendly western fiction with a smattering of Christian influence.

I have pretty much given up on our own church library and almost totally given up on christian westerns. The sheriff leading the gun fighter to the Lord in the middle of the street is just too much.

Claire Thornton - Historical Romance

“I would not sit down to write a serious romance under any other motive than to save my life.”-Jane Austen. See all 61 of Grace's Historical Romances → I began my writing career with Historical Romances set in the Regency world of the large, rambunctious, loving Windham family.

When books for all eight siblings had been done, I wrote two. Hey historical romance lovers! We have a "Help Me Find This Romance" question. Can anyone here help??

Historical Romance

"I'm looking for a certain historical romance and for the life of me I can't remember the author and am sketchy on the title. In fact, historical fiction novels can take years to write due to the amount of ‘homework' (research) required. When you choose to write historical fiction, you are putting on two hats- .

How to write a historical romance
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